Sunday, March 23, 2014


SEO VPS with High Network speed

Free And Fast VPS Support With 99% Uptime And Pre-Installed SEO To Boot!! Offers Discounted VPS With Best Available Tools For The Internet Marketer!!
Those of you who are looking for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that works as an online marketing tool do not have to look beyond our fantastic services tailor-made for your needs. We offer reliable hardware support for your business needs and at reasonable prices too! With a wide range of VPS solutions to choose from, finding what you want based on memory size and speed is not a problem. Look inside your requirements and pick up something, which is appropriate for your business requirements and available budget.
To make it easy for our clients we are offering fantastic discounts on our state of the art and SEO integrated VPS solutions. CheapSEOVPS is a name that invokes the reliability, reputation, and cost effectiveness on all counts. Presence of, 24 x 7 surveillance on our servers allows us to guarantee 99% uptime under any situation. Our pre-installed search engine optimization tools help you to optimize your website and run successful SEO business without any additional costs.
With so much on offer, why don't you pick up from one of our unique and user-friendly packages and make the most of discounts that we are offering currently??
Basic VPS Package
CheapSEOVPS Basic VPS Package offers our clients an 16GB RAM and CPU with Xeon E5 1650 Dual-core processor having 3.4 GHz speed. It comes with a 200 GB hard disk, having serial ATA standard for more efficient and faster data transfer. Our server speed remains within 300 to 1000 Mbps. Other features include presence of RAID Level 1 and an unmetered bandwidth to ensure smooth and unhampered flow of information and data at all times.
This fantastic package worth $ 85.99 monthly is yours now at 20% DISCOUNTS!!
Professional VPS Package SENuke XCr VPS and xRumer VPS

Another important package, which clients can go for, is of course our professional plan for businesses. This includes an extensive 12GB RAM, CPU with Xeon E5 1650 Tri-core processor and 3.2 GHz speed. We offer a 300 GB hard disk in this package with SATA for enhanced output and efficiency. With this VPS package, you get a server speed within the range of 300 to 1000 Mbps, unmetered traffic options and RAID Level 1.
This fantastic package worth $119.99 monthly is yours now at 20% DISCOUNTS!!
At CheapSEOVPS we are calling on to all our existing clients to make the most of this excellent opportunity to get state of the art VPS solutions, 20% CHEAP!! Make the most of this price reduction and take your business to new heights with our unique, tailor made server packages!!
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